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* The Trail of Roses: A Lenten Journey with Jesus

The gift Jesus gave you when he suffered and died on Good Friday was his very Self, his entire Self. This Lent, give him a gift of yourself -- a different gift on each of the 40 days of Lent. We will send you a short daily meditation that contains a suggested gift that you can give to him, a message from Jesus about it, and a prayer.

** El Sendero de Rosas: Un Camino Cuaresmal con Jesús

El regalo que Jesús te hizo cuando sufrió y murió el Viernes Santo, fue su mismo Ser, su Ser pleno. Esta Cuaresma, dale a Él el regalo de ti mismo -- un obsequio diferente para cada uno de los 40 días de la Cuaresma. Te enviaremos diariamente una meditación corta en la que te sugeriremos un regalo que tú puedes darle, un mensaje de Jesús y una oración.

30 Days to the Father's Heart

Terry Modica, author of the popular Good News Reflections, is working on a book entitled "TEARS FOR ABBA: 30 DAYS TO THE FATHER'S HEART". Discover how much God the Father cares about you -- it's way more than you imagine! Embrace your true self as the Father's beloved child and become fully what he designed you to be. Heal from the dissatisfactions and disappointments that happen in every relationship -- healing comes by fully receiving God's perfect love.

We are also providing podcasts that will deepen what you learn from the book. Links to these podcasts will be included in the book when it's published.

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7 Warriors of the Cross

We need prayer support for the protection and growth of Good News Ministries and for the progress and development and financing of all GNM projects that the Holy Spirit has inspired, and for the divine protection for all who serve the Lord through Good News Ministries, and our families. Join the GNM team in fighting evil head-on by becoming one of the 7 Warriors of the Cross. This elist is for members-only. To become one of GNM's Warriors of the Cross, go to https://gnm.org/7-warriors-of-the-cross/ to understand the responsibilities, and use the link you find there to choose your Victory Day and join a Victory Team.

Daily Blessings

Receive daily emails that provide short messages from the Saints. They will bless your day, uplift your spirit, and inspire your own saintly nature! Each email comes with a quote by a Saint in both English and Spanish.

EN ESPAÑOL - EN ESPAÑOL - EN ESPAÑOL - EN ESPAÑOL: Recibe mails diarios que proveen pequeños mensajes de los Santos. Bendecirán tu día, levantarán tu espíritu, ¡e inspirarán tu propia naturaleza santa! Cada mail viene con una cita de un Santo en ambos idiomas inglés y castellano.

Faith-Building Courses

Join us for a podcast course on "PRAY IN THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT"! (Now occurring.) Life in the Holy Spirit is meant to include a powerful prayer life that truly makes a difference. Why settle for a mediocre faith? Miracles are not meant to be elusive.

Each episode is only 5 to 6 minutes, but they will change your life! This course is not for everybody. It’s designed for those who have a real desire to grow stronger in faith and make a bigger difference in the world as a result of this growth.

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Good News Reflection - Sunday Only

Receive only the Sunday edition of the Good News Daily Reflections, delivered to you at the beginning of each week -- A FULL WEEK IN ADVANCE of their use at Mass. Sunday's reflection on the scriptures includes questions for private ponderings and small group discussions, to help you prepare for the NEXT Sunday's Mass.

Good News Reflections - American Edition

Making the scriptures meaningful for your everyday life: Receive reflections on the daily readings from the Roman Catholic Mass, Sunday-Friday. THIS IS FOR ZONE 1: THE NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICAN CONTINENTS.

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